polypropylene mesh tyre liner fabric

Short Description:

Standard width: 100mm- 1700mm
(Warp: PP600D
weft : PA φ 0.30mm
Thickness : 0.65mm土5%
Weight ; 270g/mi 土5%
Strength :warp≥3200N/5*20CM
Elongation :warp≤55

Product Detail

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Product purpose

The placemat is mainly used in fabric calendering and carcass, and it is also well used in the other aspects.

Product feature

The product has smooth surface, lowl hygroscopicity, and high strength of lengthways and longitudinally. The palcematis anti-static, and has good resilience and isolation performance. And it can be repeated used over 2000 times.

Product process

It has been plain weaving with high strengthpolypropylene filament yarn and chinlon monofilament, thencleared the batting and impurities on the cloth by flamesingeing, and then completed by high temperature setting, shrinking and wrinkle removing.

Key Market Trends

Growing Demand of Tire Cord Fabric from Automotive Sector

1. Tire cord fabric is a type of industrial fabric which is constructed using high tenacity yarns in the warp direction and yarns of negligible resistance in weft direction which is used to hold warn yarns locked in their position.
2. A tire cord coated fabric provides fundamental properties for tyres used in automotive industry such as controlled deformation, high strength, abrasion resistance, etc.
3. Tire cord fabrics are used as reinforcing materials for tires and designed to keep tires in shape and support vehicle weight, having a significant impact on tire performance.
4. Improving road infrastructure and rising disposable income of the middle-class consumers are driving the vehicles market in the developing countries.
5. Hence, owing to the above-mentioned factors, the application of tire cord fabrics from automotive is likely to dominate during the forecast period.

Among the raw material segments, the Nylon segment accounted for the largest revenue share in 2020, and register significantly high growth rate during the forecast period. This is due to features offered nylon material such as high strength, lightweight and easy process-ability into fibers, which makes it highly preferable among manufacturers. 

The Rayon segment is projected to register the highest revenue growth rate during the forecast period, owing to growing demand for high-performance tires and applicability of Rayon in manufacturing of these tires.

Among the application segments, the OEM segment accounted for largest revenue share in 2020.The OEM segment is projected to register comparatively lower growth rate due to high stakes and affordability required for manufacturing original products.

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