polyamide mono-filament tyre liner fabric

Short Description:

Standard width : 100mm-1700mm
warp: PP600D
weft : PET φ0.36mm
thickness : 0.7mm土5%
weight : 380g/mi 士5%
elongation :warp≤20

Product Detail

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Product purpose

It is mainly used in inner liner、tread、carcass.

Product feature

The liner's advantage are high tiffness, super high elasticity, not easy folding and deformation on the process、good maintain freshness、anti-slip、 strong wear resistance and excellent insulation. color is blue to play a role in resistant to dirt and distinguish, it can be reused above 3300 times.

Product process

It's plain woven with high strength polyester 36 mono-filament and imported folding filament, then singeing to clear away the batting and impurities, at last high- heat setting treatment


Tire cord fabrics are utilized as reinforcing fabrics for commercial and passenger car tires and are designed maintain the tire shape and support car weight, and have a significant impact on performance of the tires. In production process, after polymerization and spinning, polyester and nylon yarns get twisted and woven into cord fabrics. Then, Latex, which is an adhesive solution, is added to the woven fabrics to enhance adhesion between fabrics and tire rubber. In the final stage, the products are treated with heat for improving the tire cord fabric's dimensional stability.

Increasing purchasing power of individuals in developed and developing countries, clubbed with high demand for technologically advanced vehicles are factors expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the global tire cord fabrics market.

Increasing preference for eco-friendly products to reduce VOC emissions from automobiles has resulted in higher demand for environment-friendly tire cord fabrics. Investing in producing these fabrics can offer revenue opportunities for major players operating in the global market. In February 2020 for instance, Kordsa, which is a Turkey-based company, designed and developed an eco-friendly tire cord using friendly resorcinol- and formaldehyde-free adhesion technology that uses environment-friendly chemicals instead of harmful chemicals.

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